The Museum of Boxing and Boxing Hall of Fame

memorabiliaThe Boxing Hall of Champions will offer a unique and spectacular collection of historic memorabilia including rare photographs, posters, ring-worn equipment, belts, trunks, tickets, etc., spanning over one hundred years of boxing history.

John L Sullivan Silk

Visitors will get to see the world's largest collection of fight tickets. The incredible collection of Charles Dana glass plates that miraculously survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, unexcelled in their extraordinary beauty, dramatic fight action and fascinating scenery. One hundred years of boxing-themed comic books, pulp fiction, post cards, and armed forces boxing photos.

The Visitors to the BHOC will be offered the opportunity to test their skills and knowledge of the sweet science of boxing through a series of interactive computer generated exhibits located throughout the hall of champions.

Some of the featured exhibits will focus on the greatest fighters of the past century, including "The Greatest" -- Muhammad Ali, "Iron Mike" Tyson, "The Brown Bomber" -- Joe Louis, "The Manassa Mauler" -- Jack Dempsey, "The Brockton Blockbuster" - Rocky Marciano, "Pound for Pound" -- Sugar Ray Robinson, and "L'il Artha" - Jack Johnson.

The KO Kings of the Ring will feature the most spectacular knockouts of all time, including those fighters with the finest knockout records -- Archie Moore, Henry Armstrong, Sandy Saddler and Sugar Ray Robinson.

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