The unparalleled, unforgettable electricity of fight night is in the air as the championship bout approaches. And the Boxing Hall of Champions brings you there...

No other sport in modern times captures the public’s imagination like boxing. And now the Boxing Hall of Champions gives you ringside seats to the greatest moments in sports history.

Capturing all the excitement and energy of championship boxing, the Boxing Hall of Champions will be an electrifying and memorable experience that brings the glitter and buzz of fight-night to its visitors 365 days a year.

The Boxing Hall of Champions is built around its exclusive Museum and Hall of Fame rights to the $75 million dollar ESPN / Bill Cayton film, tape, and radio broadcast collection of the fights of all the great champions.

In addition to showcasing these films and tapes in an immersive, electrifying, and entertaining interactive experience, the Boxing Hall of Champions will display a rare collection of historic memorabilia spanning over one hundred years of boxing history.

A new era in boxing is about to begin.

Scheduled to open in early 2011 in Las Vegas, the Boxing Hall of Champions will entertain hard core boxing fans as well as curiosity seekers. Adults and children.

In the meantime you can take a peek at what coming and even order BHOC souvenirs now!


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